PPM Rotation Program – Q1/Q2 2024

The Opportunity

The selected candidate will join the PPM on a six-month rotation and will work closely with a mentor to manage projects, as assigned, to develop their project management skills and experience.  The ideal candidate has previous experience leading small-to-medium size projects and/or as a project team member on a mid-size, cross-functional project.  Over the course of the rotation, the candidate may work in close collaboration with project team members and key stakeholders to manage the project schedule, track action items to closure, and mitigate project risks on programs such as Capstone Distributed Program or F1LCDx San Diego.  Rotation candidates may also work on management of the portfolio by supporting activities such as portfolio dashboarding or resource management.

Required for all qualified and interested candidates:

  • Obtain manager’s approval to apply.  Managers may only approve employees who meet the minimum requirements for the rotation.

  • Develop a proposed coverage plan for your current role, to be reviewed and approved by your manager in the event you are selected for the rotation. 

  • Complete the form below.

Program Eligibility

The PPM rotation program is available to current FMI employees who have been in their role for a minimum of 12 months

Application period: November 20th – December 1st 

Candidate screening / interviews: December 4th – December 8th 

Candidate selection: December 12th  

Rotation start date: January 2th 2024

Rotation end date: June 28th 2024

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PPM Rotational Program FAQs


Q:  Will my compensation, title or leveling be adjusted during the rotation period?

A:  During the rotation period, the rotating employee’s job title, level, salary, shift differential, target bonus and manager of record will not change.  All business-related expenses associated with the rotation will be charged to the rotating manager’s cost center.  


Q:  How will will my performance be evaluated during the rotation period?

A:  The rotation manager will meet regularly with the rotating employee to provide feedback and coaching, discuss challenges the employee may be facing, and get feedback on how the rotation is going.  


Q:  How will I stay connected to my functional area during the rotation period?

A:  The employee’s regular manager should continue to have check-ins with their rotating employee.  These check-ins should be focused on how the rotation program is going for the employee, help if needed and to keep the lines of communication consistent.  Regular check-ins between functional manager and rotating employee will also enable a smoother transition for the employee when they return to their role.


Q: How many employees will be selected for the program? 

A: A minimum of one employee will be selected for the program, however, depending on the number of qualified candidates and available projects, up to two employees may be selected.


Q: What if I want to apply to the program but my manager does not want me to apply? 

A: All employees who meet the position qualifications and who are interested in the rotation program must receive approval from their manager before applying.


Q: What is the duration of the rotation program? 

A: The rotation program is designed as a 6-month program, with some flexibility on the length of assignment based on need and/or project assignment. The program will include an initial onboarding period at the start of rotation and an offboarding transition period toward the end of the program.


Q:  What happens at the end of the rotation?

A:  The rotating manager will provide feedback on performance to the rotating employee and the rotating employee’s manager both verbally and in writing.  The feedback should be incorporated into the employee’s annual review and performance during the rotation will be considered in determining the employee’s overall performance rating.


Q:  How will the rotation pilot program be evaluated?

A:  At the end of the pilot, the People Strategy Leader will solicit feedback on what worked well and identify areas for improvement from the rotating employee, the employee’s functional manager, and the rotating manager to determine long-term viability of the program.  To measure success, a few key data points will be evaluated

·       Feedback from regular and rotation manager of employee on rotation

·       Feedback from rotating employee

·       Accomplishment of rotation objectives


Q: I'm a manager interested in creating a job description for a rotational position. Who should I contact? 

A: Contract Jennifer O'Brien in recruiting for help creating a rotation job description.  

 Q: What are the on-site expectations for candidates while on the rotation?

A: The PPM is on-site flexible and will be on-site in the Seaport for a minimum of 50% of monthly workdays starting in January 2024.  Rotation candidates based in the CAM/BOS area will be expected to mirror the on-site expectations for the remainder of the PPM.  Candidates that are formally remote will remain remote.  Candidates based in RTP or SAN will be expected to mirror the on-site flexible expectations for the rest of the site employees. 

Q. What skills are required?

A. The candidate will apply FMI knowledge and previous project assignment experience to deliver successful project results.  Important responsibilities include:

·       Establish and manage project schedules, including setting targets for milestones and adhering to deadlines

·       Delegate project tasks to team members

·       Meeting/agenda preparation and meeting minutes, with a focus on action items

·       Serve as a point of contact for project team members    

·       Communicate with key stakeholders regarding project status; escalate issues in a timely manner

·       Leadership and expected behaviors environment

·       Commitment to reflect FMI’s values:  passion, patients, innovation and collaboration

·       Ability to juggle competing priorities

·       Capable of working independently with deadline and resource constraints

·       Leadership through influence

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