Decision Sciences at Foundation Medicine

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Navigating complex decision-making is a key piece to precision medicine.

Foundation Medicine’s growing Decision Sciences team of methodologists create clinical decision support algorithms that will help oncologists choose the most effective treatment options for their patients, and is one way that Foundation Medicine continues to transform cancer care. Learn more about our Decision Sciences team in the video below.

As our team grows, we are looking for epidemiologists and causal inference experts who can support our team in recognizing which new “real-world” data points we need to collect. We also seek health economists and decision scientists who help quantify the value of information that we provide to doctors and their patients. The team also includes methodologists creating new statistical and machine learning approaches for evidence synthesis and explainable recommendation systems. Currently, our team utilizes Bayesian research methods for uncertainty quantification, but we welcome all approaches. Lastly, we are looking for experts on patient-reported outcomes who can help us keep the patient perspective front and center in all that we do to impact patient care.

A Culture Dedicated to Advancing Cancer Care

Our work has an immediate, tangible impact that keeps us coming back each day. Our comprehensive genomic profiling offers insights that make precision medicine a reality. At Foundation Medicine, you can make a real impact. So join us now. Because progress can’t wait.

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