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As the oncology landscape evolves, we are the team charting the course and developing the strategy that will deliver our innovative diagnostics and insights to the physicians and partners who need them. The Global Portfolio Strategy team at Foundation Medicine works across every department to determine our direction and guide our journey. Every day, we are addressing new and complex challenges as we help shape the future of cancer care. Consider what transformational care means to patients.

Together we can push the boundaries of personalized oncology care.

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Amy Lin, Senior Vice President, Head of Global Portfolio Strategy

Amy Lin was named Senior Vice President, Head of Global Portfolio Strategy at Foundation Medicine in March 2020. Ms. Lin has an impressive track record of defining effective and thoughtful strategies and mobilizing large cross-functional teams to success. In her role, she oversees enterprise-wide functions across brand and portfolio marketing, corporate and product strategy, market insights and analytics, communications, and life cycle team management, in order to provide the maximum benefit to patients.

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FBE is part of the larger Global Portfolio Strategy (GPS) Team, that works together and across the company to guide Foundation Medicine’s journey and develop the strategy that enables us to work toward our mission of transforming cancer care. The FBE teams play an important strategic role within GPS, aligning processes, insights, and training to ensure that the organization has the resources they need to successfully execute their roles.

Learn more about the FBE team here.

The Data and Insights Delivery team has a global scope focused on how our data – and the insights that we can generate from it – impacts the entire precision medicine ecosystem. At Foundation Medicine, one of our primary services is to provide the highest quality comprehensive genomic profiling to as many patients as possible every day. In DataID, we build upon the service in two distinct but related ways.

Learn more about the DataID team here.

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Naima is currently the Director of Data Strategy Marketing and a part of the Data Insights and Delivery team within GPS. She is responsible for developing our commercialization strategy for our data products that are derived from the outputs of our diagnostic tests. Her role is global in nature, focused on two customer segments: Clinical and Biopharma.


Learn more about her role here.

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Cameron, an associate director of corporate strategy and portfolio planning at Foundation Medicine, shares more about how his own experience with cancer shapes the work he does each day to improve care for patients.

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