We are Transforming Cancer Care

Since Foundation Medicine’s inception, our focus on the people and families affected by cancer inspires us every day in our commitment to transform cancer care. Behind each of these photos is a Foundation Medicine employee whose loved one with cancer fuels their passion and pursuit to bring personalized treatment options to people living with cancer.  

Our Values

Our values serve as guiding principles in everything we do. As employees of Foundation Medicine, we strive to embody these values to help us transform cancer care. Learn more about what what they mean to us.

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Our Departments

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Global Portfolio Strategy

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Research & Development

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Our Locations

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Awards: Innovating Boldly.

FastCompany has named us a 2019 #1 most innovative biotech company and #30 overall for our work to transform cancer care. We were also named a Best Place to Work from Boston Business Journal, Boston Globe and Triangle Business Journal in 2020.

We are honored to be featured for the second year in a row on Boston Business Journal's Best Places to Work List 2021.

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Our Culture

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Passion at Work in our Community

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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Our Award-Winning Onboarding Program

Brandon Hall Group Bronze award for excellence in the Talent Acquisition category.

All of our new hires participate in our week long orientation program (currently virtual) to introduce them to the people, science, and innovation behind Foundation Medicine. Throughout the week, the new employees engage in conversations covering the culture, structure, and strategy of Foundation Medicine, and hear from employees across the company about why they joined the company, what excites them about their roles, and how their work impacts patients. 

Watch the video below to learn more about the experience.

Our Leadership


Our management team has a breadth of experience in medical practice, life sciences, genomics, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, and the clinical diagnostics and laboratory industries—as well as a world-class track record in building successful organizations in the field.


Meet the Team

Our Benefits

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Comprehensive Health Plans

Paid Parental Leave + New Parent Support 

Flexible Work + Time-off 

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Competitive Bonus + Long Term Incentives

Generous 401k Match 

Employee Recognition Program

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Our Careers Blog


“After being an advocate for my father during his fight with lung cancer, I know what it’s like to be on the patient side.

When I see a sample in a pipetting channel, I know it’s not just liquid—there’s a person, a family, a whole story, that will be impacted by those results. I never forget that everything I do at Foundation Medicine has a direct impact on real people.” 


- Jason, Sr. Manager, Automation Engineering


Hear more of Jason's impact.

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