Our European Teams in Germany

Foundation Medicines European subsidiary is located within the Roche Campus in Penzberg, Germany, just a couple of miles south of Munich.

Roche Penzberg is one of Europe’s largest biotechnology centers, employing around 6,200 people from over 50 nations. Roche nurtures a collaborative corporate culture which promotes and supports open-minded thought and activity. This environment harmonizes perfectly with Foundation Medicines core values and culture. 

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Current Open Roles on the Team:


Senior QA Specialist (m/f/d) Lab Operations 100810 Penzberg, Bavaria DE Germany Penzberg, Bavaria DE, Germany, 82377 Operations Position Summary Foundation Medicine GmbH in Penzberg, Germany is seeking a Senior Quality Assurance (QA) Specialist to support local and global QA activities. In this position, you are responsible for all aspects around documentation management,...
Supply Chain Manager (m/f/d) Lab Operations 100811 Penzberg, Bavaria DE Germany Penzberg, Bavaria DE, Germany, 82377 Operations Position Summary The Supply Chain Manager is responsible for managing the manufacturing of kits used in specimen collection for Laboratory Operations. The role encompasses specimen collection kit products utilized globally. The candidate works wi...
EU Medical Director (m/f/d) Medical Affairs 100380 Penzberg, Bavaria DE Germany Penzberg, Bavaria DE, Germany, 82377 Medical About the Job The Medical Director works to expand and strengthen the FMI Germany team in Penzberg. FMI's mission is the preparation, sequencing, and analysis of tissue and blood samples from cancer patients to produce a report that supports the ...
In-House Legal Counsel (m/f/d) Lab Operations 100376 Penzberg, Bavaria DE Germany Penzberg, Bavaria DE, Germany, 82377 Operations About Foundation Medicine Foundation Medicine is leading a transformation in cancer care, where each patient’s treatment is informed by a deep understanding of the molecular changes that contribute to their disease. As a molecular information com...
Client Services Associate (m/f/d) Client Services 100812 Penzberg, Bavaria DE Germany Penzberg, Bavaria DE, Germany, 82377 Client Services Position Summary In close cooperation with Roche, you will inform, support and assist our customers with regard to our products and services. While Roche is interacting directly with customers in multiple countries, you will be the connecting lin...

The Foundation Medicine laboratory in Penzberg was initiated in January 2017 and launched for commercial diagnostic, i.e. comprehensive genomic profiling for cancer patients, in October 2017. In addition to laboratory operations, the site functions as hub for internal collaborations and partnerships. The central location in Europe and within the Penzberg campus allow for a strong synergy between Foundation Medicine, various national and international partners and Roche. 

The past twelve months have been beyond exceptional and nobody can deny the impacts the global corona pandemic had on our daily lives. However, there were many positives. Our working environment had to quickly adapt to the new situation and employers and employees just the same had to accommodate to the new circumstances. Continued or exclusive work from remote has become “the new normal” – and to everyone’s surprise, it is working just as well. 

- Vera , VP, International Operations & Managing Director Foundation Medicine GmbH.

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The Foundation Medicine team in Penzberg consists of several groups, such as Laboratory Operations, Client Services & Accessioning, Computational Biology, Quality Assurance, Automation Engineering, Project management, Finance and IT. Starting with only four employees in January 2017, the team has grown to almost sixty employees in March 2020 (from 6 different nations) and continues to expand in size! Many of the Roche amenities on campus can also be used by Foundation Medicine employees, such as the gym, canteen, and bus services. 

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