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Communications Intern: The Writer Behind the Stories

Katrina, Employer Brand Intern 2021



Immediate Support and Passion 

Right from my first phone interview with Foundation Medicine, I felt welcomed and supported, despite having not even received the position yet. Meredyth, Senior Campus Recruiter, interviewed me in a way that left me with a positive impression of the company. 

When I officially received the intern position, the support coming from Meredyth and my manager, Audra, was immediate and reassuring. I really felt like part of the team from the beginning because of their visible excitement and passion. They made it very clear that all questions were welcomed and that my work as an Employer Branding Intern would make an impact. Therefore, even before my first day of onboarding, I knew this was going to be a wonderful experience.  

It was very intimidating coming into a company like Foundation Medicine when I do not have much scientific background, but the weeklong onboarding experience did a wonderful job of educating me on the basics of the important work that the company does. After that, Audra was incredibly helpful in getting me started with tasks that I was confident I knew how to do and also encouraged me to take on projects I wasn’t so confident on. Foundation Medicine really encourages interns to challenge themselves outside of their comfort zones. 

Being Inspired Through My Work 

My main job was to interview employees about why they love working at Foundation Medicine and then write about it. Those pieces would then eventually go online on our careers blog. During these interviews, I got to see how each and every employee is passionate about the work they do. I saw their eyes light up when talking about their role, the people they work with, and their passion for patients. I was honored to be able to write their stories and found it extremely humbling.  

One of the interviews I remember distinctly was with Jacqueline, the Associate Project Manager at the Research Triangle Park (RTP) location. She was so excited to talk to me and passionate about Foundation Medicine that it made the conversation incredibly easy and enjoyable. Her perspectives on reverse mentoring and the joy that collaborating with others gives her was inspiring. Jacqueline’s kindness and enthusiasm was so visible and put me immediately at ease. It was a lovely conversation and I’ll always remember how welcomed she made me feel.  

A Welcoming Environment 

The managers at Foundation Medicine value the skills their interns bring, entrusting us with important tasks that make it feel like you’re truly making a difference. It’s invigorating and refreshing to work somewhere with employees who are not only happy to answer questions but encourage us to ask them. I really felt like a part of the company and that my work was contributing to the mission and values that Foundation Medicine prides itself on.  

I felt so incredibly supported throughout my whole time here. Every single time I interviewed someone, they always made it clear that I could contact them with any questions I had, whether they were about the company or not. I rarely felt intimidated by anyone because everyone was so welcoming. Being treated like a tenured employee really does make a difference and I felt like there were multiple people I could turn to if I ever felt lost or confused.  

Final Takeaways 

I leave this summer with a new outlook on the field of communication. Though this opportunity has left me with more options rather than fewer about what I want my post-grad career to look like, I’m grateful for it. Being able to see how my love for storytelling can apply in ways that I hadn’t even known about before makes me excited for my unknown future. Foundation Medicine is a company that I would strongly recommend to any intern who is eager to learn, unafraid of asking questions and wants to challenge themselves. The support from management is unparalleled, and I’m very grateful to have interned at a company where I felt wholly comfortable challenging myself. 




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