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We’re relentless ambassadors for the best patient care - from diagnosis to diagnostics. The Commercial team at Foundation Medicine works to promote our proven portfolio of testing services. Foundation Medicine testing analyzes the unique mutations and biomarkers of a patient’s cancer and may provide physicians with possible treatment options by indicating if a targeted therapy, immunotherapy, or a clinical trial is available for the physician to explore.

Those patient stories inspire us every day. They will inspire you as well.

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Ritesh (Tesh) Khullar, Chief Commercial Officer

Ritesh (Tesh) Khullar was named as Chief Commercial Officer at Foundation Medicine in January 2020. With more than 20 years’ experience in oncology, he brings expertise in strategic commercialization and customer engagement to drive business growth and accelerate market development to support the Company’s leading comprehensive genomic profiling assays. Mr. Khullar is passionate about making the process of navigating the cancer care continuum more efficient and increasingly centered on creating patient-focused solutions.

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FDA Approves Foundation Medicine's FoundationOne®Liquid CDx, a Comprehensive Pan-Tumor Liquid Biopsy Test with Multiple Companion Diagnostic Indications for Patients with Advanced Cancer.

We are thrilled to announce the FDA approval of FoundationOne®Liquid CDx, our comprehensive liquid biopsy test, for all solid tumors. This approval is such an important milestone because we can now offer oncologists multiple FDA-approved, high-quality comprehensive genomic profiling options that allow them to bring biomarker-driven care to more patients than before. From a simple blood draw, FoundationOne Liquid CDx can provide physicians and patients with deep molecular insights to guide informed treatment decisions whether that be targeted therapies, clinical trials or immunotherapy.  

For more about this approval, click here to read the press release. 

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