FMI Career Opportunities and Resources

Below are some resources to help impacted employees find their next career opportunity.

Please note important timelines for internal applications below.

FAQs for Impacted Employees

Yes. Below are all of our open internal roles. You can apply through this site. 

This site will continue to be updated with all of our open positions. Please continue to monitor the site for new opportunities. After the internal posting period positions will be removed from this site and moved to FMI’s external Career page. We will continue to maintain this site until the end of the calendar year.  

Yes, FMI will be compiling a resume book with relevant employers in the area. Click the orange button on this page to learn more and upload your resume. 

We will make every effort to conclude the hiring process with 30 days for candidates who apply to open roles by June 14th.  We will continue to prioritize internal applicants throughout the hiring process beyond the first 30 day cohort of candidates.

If you have a 30 day non-working period and you are applying for a position, please be aware that you will need to start in your role before July 10th to retain your unvested LTI. This is leading us to run an accelerated interview process which is detailed in the graphic on this page.

If you start a new role with another Roche company during the non-working notice period, it will be treated as a transfer. If you accept a position with another Roche company and you start within 90 days of your non-working notice period, you will retain your original anniversary date with Roche. We have included links to other Roche Career sites on this page.

If you can update your resume, that would be ideal. That said, for impacted employees with a 30-day non-working notice period, we realize that time is of the essence when applying for internal roles. We are committed to running rapid hiring processes. If you can please try to update your resume, do not be concerned about it being “perfect”. Your background and skills are known to FMI, and we will not be evaluating internal resumes in the same way that we would with an external candidate. As an alternative, you can save your LinkedIn profile as a PDF to apply. It is more important that you can engage in the interview process quickly. 

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