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Behind each patient receiving our test is a person living with cancer – living their own story, navigating their own journey. Our Medical team helps those living with cancer by identifying possible treatment options and working with physicians to make better suggestions for the next patient with a similar molecular profile. We also generate and interpret data, communicate it to, and collaborate with, stakeholders across the healthcare ecosystem.

Patients and our partners rely on us to never give up on the relentless pursuit of better care. Can you help us in that pursuit? 

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Mia Levy, MD, PhD

Dr. Mia Levy was named Chief Medical Officer of Foundation Medicine in August 2021. With nearly two decades of clinical experience as a medical oncologist specializing in breast cancer, and as a nationally recognized leader in biomedical informatics and precision oncology, Dr. Levy has devoted her career to improving the lives of people living with cancer.

Current Open Roles on the Team:


Molecular Pathologist (Full-Time) Pathology 102174 United States United States Medical About the Job The Molecular Pathologist is involved in all aspects of FMI’s laboratory operations and serves as an internal subject matter expert, applying medical knowledge to advise decisionmakers in support of FMI’s mission to transform cance...
Sr. Laboratory Director, Pathology Pathology 102212 Cambridge Massachusetts United States Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States Medical About the Job The Senior Laboratory Director (LD) is accountable for the overall operation and administration of an FMI clinical laboratory site, including compliance with the applicable regulations, competence of lab personnel performing testin...
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In celebration of World Cancer Research Day this weekend, and Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month, hear from Dr. Julia Elvin, SVP and Laboratory Director and Sonja Alexander, Medical Science Liaison, for their medical perspective on the advancements being made today.

While research impacts each of our jobs in unique ways here at Foundation Medicine, it drives each of us forward in our pursuit for what’s best for our partners, patients and physicians. 

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Our growing Decision Sciences team of methodologists create clinical decision support algorithms that will help oncologists choose the most effective treatment options for their patients, and is one way that Foundation Medicine continues to transform cancer care. Learn more about our Decision Sciences team in the video below. Learn more about our Decision Sciences team here.

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