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This toolkit provides direction and resources so you can help us share our story with job seekers.

Why does it matter? Candidates have many options and are doing their research before expressing interest to work at a company. Your networks combined are much larger than ours and can extend the reach of our corporate and talent brand. In a time of marketing over-saturation, candidates believe employees over brands. A 2015 LinkedIn survey found that 50 percent of job seekers turn to their friends and colleagues first when looking for a job. We hope that you will join us in promoting FMI as an inspiring, passionate and cutting-edge place to work, infused with a mission to transform cancer care and the lives of our patients.


Our Passion is Personal.  

Since Foundation Medicine’s inception, our focus on the people and families affected by cancer inspires us every day in our commitment to transform cancer care. The images illustrate our passion for our work and are being showcased on our career website and Patient Walls in our offices. They provide us all with a daily reminder of why we work at Foundation Medicine, highlighting not only the patients who motivate us, but also the employees to whom they are personally connected. 

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Interested in having your photo taken with a loved one for this campaign?

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Our Talent Brand Pillars

Drive Change

Work Passionately, Together

Pursue Bold Ideas

We are shaping the future of the oncology ecosystem. Through personalized testing and patient insights, and collaboration with the world's leading physicians, scientists and Biopharma partners, our team offers new options for patients.

Our work has an immediate, tangible impact that keeps us coming back each day. Our comprehensive genomic profiling offers insights that make precision medicine a reality.

We have the support of a global leader in diagnostics and oncology, paired with an independence that enables our team to leverage the latest science, think long-term and build what patients need next.

How YOU Can Help

Your network is much bigger than ours and candidates trust employees over brands. Don't forget out new company hashtag #WeAreFMI :)

Sharing Jobs on LinkedIn

The perfect fit might be connected to you and don’t forget about our referral bonus! If someone reaches out to you (in your network or not), you are eligible for the bonus.

Note: As always, please review our Social Media Policy before posting and use good judgement.

Step 1

Search for the specific job on our Careers site & copy the URL


Step 2

On your LinkedIn homepage news feed, click "Start a Post"

Step 3

Use this template or create your own version!

Foundation Medicine is the culmination of talented people coming together to bring cutting-edge science and technology to transform cancer care. The work we do every day impacts real lives, and that takes collaboration from passionate and driven people. My team is looking for a (INSERT JOB) to (HOW THE JOB IMPACTS PATIENTS). (INSERT COPIED JOB LINK) #WeAreFMI

LinkedIn Header for Employees

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Step 1

Download the file HERE  (right click the image and choose "save as").

Step 2

Click on the Pencil Icon at the top right of your current LinkedIn header image.

Step 3

Select the new header picture from where you saved it.


Interested in a professional LinkedIn photo? 

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"Hiring" LinkedIn Profile for Hiring Managers

Watch this one minute video below to share which roles you are hiring for on LinkedIn with job seekers.

Recruitment Videos for Sharing

Medical Team

Optional text for posting:

Our Medical team’s culture of curiosity and service supports its mission to ensure that each patient receives the right treatment for their unique cancer. Patients, physicians and our partners rely on us to transform cancer care through precision oncology. Can you help us in that pursuit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YFRUHmEKWCQ&t #WeAreFMI

R&D Team

Optional text for posting:

Our Research and Development team is constantly pushing the envelope to transform cancer care. Through interdisciplinary collaboration and innovation, each team member has the chance to make a real impact. Learn more about how you can join the team. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dvVZ__UsUq8 #WeAreFMI


Our Passion is Personal

Optional text for posting:

Since Foundation Medicine’s inception, our focus on the people and families affected by cancer inspires us every day in our commitment to transform cancer care. Behind each of these photos is a Foundation Medicine employee whose loved one with cancer fuels their passion and pursuit to bring personalized treatment options to people living with cancer. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eKo8iC_8QZE #WeAreFMI


Optional text for posting:

Cameron, our associate director of corporate strategy and portfolio planning, shares how his personal experience with cancer inspires him each day to help transform cancer care for patients. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WIQ_54M08T4&t #WeAreFMI

FMI Hackathon 2021

Optional text for posting:

Our second annual Hackathon provided our employees with the opportunity to pause their daily jobs and creatively problem solve with people from across the company. This year, teams brainstormed innovations across three tracks: Diversity, Equality & Inclusion; currently Working Remotely; and Customer Experience. Our hackers had the chance to learn from the perspectives of their colleagues from different locations and departments, and fostered camaraderie inspired by collaboration. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MZ9hqkAZlu4 #WeAreFMI

Global Lab Ops Video

Optional text for posting:

Our Lab Operations team knows that each patient sample holds a story. The insights discovered in our labs may impact their story, and our team applies diverse perspectives to ensure the unique information in each sample is fully recognized. No one person can run the lab by themselves – it takes a team united by our mission to transform cancer care.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=azt-V4mciXs #WeAreFMI

Adding FMI Videos to Your LinkedIn Profile

This makes your profile more inviting and helps us share our culture.


To embed a video on your LinkedIn profile:

Step 1

Go to your profile

Step 2

Click the pencil icon under your work experience (see highlighted)

Step 3

Paste the link from our YouTube Channel 

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Our Careers Blog

Know a good employee story? Email Audra Knight to be featured. You can also recommend a colleague. Click on a blog below to read it or share stories on social media.

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Please review our Social Media Policy before posting and use good judgement. Also, please do not add our company logo to unapproved content. 

Have feedback or questions?

Reach out to Audra Knight, Sr. Manager, Employment Branding at FMI