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Below is some information to learn more about us and help you prepare for your interview.

Zoom Instructions

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Learn about our mission and values and be prepared to have examples that align with them

Our focused mission of transforming cancer care is at the core of everything that we do at Foundation Medicine. While our mission is tied to each of our jobs in unique ways, it drives each of us forward in our pursuit for the best for our patients, physicians and partners.

We live our values of patients, passion, collaboration, and innovation. These values are also an important part of our hiring process, performance reviews, #gratitude (our recognition program), and our new orientation program.


General guidelines for dressing for your interviews

For most roles, we recommend a business casual attire for interviews (remote or in person). We want you to feel confident and be yourself.

For customer-facing and executive roles, we recommend a suit or jacket/blazer.



Interviewing at Foundation Medicine

We encourage you to get to know our company and culture better through the following channels:


Press Releases

Be up to date on our latest announcements and news.



We encourage you to look up your interviewers on LinkedIn to learn more about them.



Watch videos about our patients, portfolio of tests and teams.



Follow us here to learn more about our unique culture and watch events happen in real time.

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Since Foundation Medicine’s inception, our focus on the people and families affected by cancer inspires us every day and fuels our passion to bring personalized treatment options to people living with cancer.  

Working with us to transform cancer care.

New Seaport HQ

We have begun moving all of our Boston-area employees (in a phased approach) into our new headquarters, in the heart of Boston’s Seaport district. Some amenities:

Full Service Cafeteria + Catering Availability

Reception Area and Conference Center

Open Air Roof Deck 

Sustainable Design and Best Practices 

Convenient to public transportation, and both 93 and 90

Read more about this inspiring five year project from Katie >>

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Commitment to DE&I

At Foundation Medicine, we believe in fostering an environment that delivers a deep sense of belonging and provides a supportive space for employees to bring their authentic selves to work to reach their full potential. 

Our 2022 DE&I report spotlights our work to evolve forward-looking and integrated DE&I initiatives and our commitment to eliminating healthcare disparities, with a focus on our efforts in 2022. The report highlights our workforce diversity numbers and shares the voices of our employees and executives.

Wellness, Learning and Development

FMI Thrive offers a comprehensive approach to self-care, with a robust network of support, flexibility, and a variety of resources to help employees prioritize their needs. The program encompasses a myriad of benefits available to Foundation Medicine employees and their families. Included under this umbrella are mental health resources, fertility, pregnancy and parenting support, and physical wellbeing programs.

We offer employees unlimited access to best in class learning platforms. Tools available include LinkedIn Learning, with over 16,000 online video tutorials, and uLab, a collaboration with Life Labs Learning consisting of small workshops that are tailored to skills useful to our employees.

Our unique FMI People Manager Development Program (PMDP) aims to enable FMI to be the leader in clinical care and research by developing and enabling the best people managers in the Life Sciences industry. Our people manager role orientation program, learning journeys, forums, mentoring program, and fully customized training gives our People Managers opportunities to continuously grow and build strength in the competencies most needed to attract, nurture, develop, and engage their direct reports to do the most rewarding work of their lives. If you're pursuing a people manager role, you can have confidence that FMI will help you leverage your existing strengths and challenge you to get even stronger. If you're pursuing an individual contributor role, trust that your manager will be well trained to give you an exceptional experience. If people management is something you're considering in the future, know that FMI is committed to equipping you with best-in-class in-role development opportunities to set you up for success from the start.





#gratitude - We have a points based recognition program that aligns with our cultural values. Your points earned turn into merchandise, travel, gift cards or donations – whatever you choose.

We also host a year-end #gratitude awards ceremony, where we honor our colleagues for their commitments to our mission and values through the work they do each day. 

MyImpact New Hire Orientation Program

MyImpact is a three-and-a-half-day virtual orientation program. Through live presentations, Q&A, small/large group discussions, and collaborative exercises we aim to: 

- deepen your understanding of FMI's history and corporate strategy
- raise awareness about the roles that various teams play, and the collaboration required to transform cancer care
- explore FMI's culture (i.e., values, diversity, equity, and inclusion aspirations)
- help you plan your impact, career growth, and development
- nurture a sense of belonging



At Foundation Medicine there's no such thing as the 'perfect' candidate. Our company is a place where every employee can make an impact and continue to grow whatever background they may have or path they may have taken.

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