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Cutting-edge innovation will help fuel better cancer care, today and tomorrow. The Research and Development team at Foundation Medicine is relentless in that pursuit of a richer science. Leveraging scientific insights through software, we help transform cancer care with one significant advantage: access to one of the largest genomic databases in the world.

Discover your curiosity and passion for life-changing science with us.

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Priti Hegde, PhD, Chief Scientific Officer

Dr. Hegde joined Foundation Medicine as the Chief Scientific Officer in August 2019. Her team comprises of Cancer Genomics, Research and Early Development, Computational Biology, Translational Strategy, Franchise Development, and Product Development (inclusive of Assay Development, Companion Diagnostic Development Operations, Regulatory, and Biomarkers and Biometrics).

Dr. Hegde has spent nearly two decades in the biopharmaceutical industry, with a proven track record in drug development, registration, and commercialization of therapeutics with companion diagnostics in cancer immunotherapy.

Current Open Roles on the Team:


Senior Software Engineer Computational Biology 102476 Cambridge Massachusetts United States Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States R&D About the Job This position is a member of the Pipeline Engineering sub-team of the Computational Biology, Engineering group. This team is responsible for developing components of, and programmatic interfaces to, the genomics platform and analysi...
Scientist II, Computational Biology Computational Biology 102252 Boston Massachusetts United States Seaport Blvd., Boston, Massachusetts, United States R&D About the Job The Scientist II, Computational Biology on the Computational Biology Team provides computational, bioinformatic and statistical activities to enrich the analytical capabilities of existing products as medical knowledge advances, as...

Congrats to Dr. Hegde for being named as 100 of the Most Inspiring People by PharmaVOICE!

If you’re looking for a team at Foundation Medicine with a cross-functional reach, you need not look any further than the Regulatory Affairs team. Operating within our Research and Development (R&D) function, the team serves a critical role as a collaborative, results-driven partner, driving development and supporting the launch of transformational products, as well as influencing the global regulatory and policy environment in which they operate. They offer key insights, strategy, and support to bring our products to market, serving our patients, physicians, and research partners both in the U.S. and in ex-U.S. markets.


Learn more about Regulatory Affairs here.

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When the Diagnostic Development and Validation (DD&V) Team at Foundation Medicine arrives for work each day, they are stepping into roles that epitomize the company’s value of collaboration. The team operates as a bridge between Product Development and Laboratory Operations through their focus on late-stage product development, validation, and transfer of knowledge. The team’s mission is to ensure that Foundation Medicine’s laboratory tests are safe and effective, enabling important diagnostic insights for partners and patients. Their collaboration with different partners across the company contributes to technical expertise within Foundation Medicine’s design and development process for new and existing products.


Learn more about DD&V here.

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The Power Of Partnership In Precision Medicine


FoundationOne CDx was recently approved to identify mutations that lead to MET exon 14 skipping in advanced non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) and match patients with a new targeted therapy, which was approved in parallel.

Learn more on our blog about how this approval demonstrates the power of cancer precision medicine in action and the role that comprehensive genomic profiling plays.


- Garrett Frampton, PhD, Sr. Director, Cancer Genomics

FDA Approves Foundation Medicine's FoundationOne®Liquid CDx, a Comprehensive Pan-Tumor Liquid Biopsy Test with Multiple Companion Diagnostic Indications for Patients with Advanced Cancer.

We are thrilled to announce the FDA approval of FoundationOne®Liquid CDx, FMI’s comprehensive liquid biopsy test, for all solid tumors. This approval is such an important milestone because we can now offer oncologists multiple FDA-approved, high-quality comprehensive genomic profiling options. From a simple blood draw, FoundationOne Liquid CDx can provide physicians and patients with molecular insights to inform treatment decisions whether that be targeted therapies, clinical trials or immunotherapy.   

For more about this approval, click here to read the press release. 

The Best of the AACR Journals Collection


The Best of the AACR Journals collection highlights the most-cited articles published in 2018 across the AACR journals. Congratulations to our Director of Cancer Genomics Research, Lee A. Albacker for his most-cited article entitled STK11/LKB1 Mutations and PD-1 Inhibitor Resistance in KRAS-Mutant Lung Adenocarcinoma.

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While attending the first-ever UPLIFT Summit, our Chief Scientific Officer Priti Hegde discussed the importance of mentorship and the power of having a diversified team.

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