Welcome To Foundation Medicine

We received your signed offer letter!

We are very excited to have you join the FMI family and our mission to transform cancer care. 

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Important Action Items


Background Check:

Sterling (NoReply@sterling.app) will send you an email with the subject line “On behalf of Foundation Medicine, Inc.: Background Screening Instructions” to the email address you used to complete your application. Background checks typically take 1 to 1.5 weeks. If you have any international degrees, it can take an additional 1 to 2 weeks. This process must be completed prior to your start date. 

FMI-issued Laptop: 

Choose and communicate where you will be located on your first day with your manager; it will inform how you receive your laptop.  

Remote start: Your FMI laptop will be shipped to your verified mailing address the week before your start date; you will receive a FedEx tracking number once it has shipped. You should receive it by the Friday prior to your start date in time for the Laptop Set up session (9:30 am ET or 9:30 am PT) hosted by the Service Desk Team.  
Onsite start: Your laptop will be available at your office location for pick up prior to the Laptop Setup Session (9:30 am ET or 9:30 am PT) hosted by the Service Desk Team.  



Here are some things to look forward to:

First Day Logistics

Expect a newsletter from FMI Onboarding titled “Get ready: Your First Day at Foundation Medicine” with key logistical details (e.g., security badge, parking, laptop set up, orientation, etc.) one week before your start date.

It will also provide instructions on pre-boarding tasks (i.e., emergency contact, policy acknowledgement, etc.) and I-9 verification - a United States Citizenship and Immigration Services document used to verify the identity and work authorization of individuals hired for employment in the U.S. 






MyImpact: New Hire Orientation 

You are automatically enrolled in this three-and-a-half-day virtual orientation. For some, MyImpact will begin on your second day. For others, you will participate a week or more into your onboarding. Through live presentations, Q&A, group discussions, and collaborative exercises we aim to:  

  • deepen your understanding of FMI's history and corporate strategy

  • raise awareness about the roles that various teams play, and the collaboration required to transform cancer care

  • explore FMI's culture (i.e., values, diversity, equity, and inclusion aspirations)

  • help you plan your impact and career development  

  • nurture a sense of belonging 

Benefits, Wellbeing and Learning

Foundation Medicine is committed to providing employees with benefits and compensation that help us to achieve our people-first culture. The Benefits Team offers a variety of tools and resources (e.g., virtual benefits counselor, office hours, enrollment video tutorial, etc.) to help you make your selections. You will have 30 days from your start date to enroll and your health insurance is effective from your start date.  

FMI Thrive offers a comprehensive approach to self-care, with a robust network of support, flexibility, and a variety of resources to help employees prioritize your needs. The program encompasses a myriad of benefits available to Foundation Medicine employees and their families. Included under this umbrella are mental health resources, fertility, pregnancy and parenting support, and physical wellbeing programs.

We offer employees unlimited access to best-in-class learning platforms. Tools available include LinkedIn Learning, with over 16,000 online video tutorials, and uLab, a collaboration with Life Labs Learning consisting of small workshops that are tailored to skills useful to our employees. 

Our unique FMI People Manager Development Program (PMDP) aims to develop and enable the best people managers in Life Sciences. Read more about it here! If your role has people management responsibilities, you’ll be invited to join our new people manager Jumpstart program once you’re assigned direct reports.

The People Team (Ask.The.People.Team @foundationmedicine.com) will be available for any questions you may have about your benefits, compensation, and access to learning and development opportunities during your employment.  








Mission & Values

Our focused mission of transforming cancer care is at the core of everything that we do at Foundation Medicine. While our mission is tied to each of our jobs in unique ways, it drives each of us forward in our pursuit for the best for our patients, physicians and partners.

Our mission extends beyond the walls of our offices and labs to our community engagement efforts, as we connect with the patient community and advocacy organizations to better understand who we serve and the impact of our work.

We live our values of patients, passion, collaboration, and innovation. These values are also an important part of our hiring process, performance reviews, #gratitude (our recognition program), and our new orientation program.

Commitment to DE&I

At Foundation Medicine, we believe in fostering an environment that delivers a deep sense of belonging and provides a supportive space for employees to bring their authentic selves to work to reach their full potential. 

Our 2022 DE&I report spotlights our work to evolve forward-looking and integrated DE&I initiatives and our commitment to eliminating healthcare disparities, with a focus on our efforts in 2022. The report highlights our workforce diversity numbers and shares the voices of our employees and executives.






Employee Communication

At Foundation Medicine, we have a variety of ways that we communicate with each other. Listed below are a few of the tools we utilize - you will learn more about each of them during your orientation!

Slack - There are hundreds of different channels for people to join, such as “fur babies” (pet talk), “ask ET” (ask the Executive Team anything) and “Donut” (bi-weekly match to someone in the company to learn more about them and their role here).

The Hub - FMI's Internal Intranet resource. Here you will find important resources for working at Foundation Medicine (including information on our offices, an employee directory, and more), recaps of company-wide meetings, details on internal events, stories curated by our Internal Communications Team, and much more.

FMI Friday - Our weekly newsletter highlighting important information and happenings at an enterprise level.

Town Halls - These are monthly, hybrid, company-wide meetings where our Executive Team provides updates and takes time for direct questions.

Zoom - If you need to meet with a colleague via a video meeting, we utilize Zoom.


#gratitude - We have a points based recognition program that aligns with our cultural values. Your points earned turn into merchandise, travel, gift cards or donations – whatever you choose.

We also host a year-end #gratitude awards ceremony, where we honor our colleagues for their commitments to our mission and values through the work they do each day. 


New Seaport HQ!

We have begun moving all of our Boston-area employees (in a phased approach) into our new headquarters located at 400 Summer Street, in the heart of Boston’s Seaport district. We have been working with developers and architects to design our space according to our specific needs.  

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Amenities for the new HQ:

Bicycle Access + Support Facilities 

Full Service Cafeteria + Catering Availability

Reception Area and Conference Center

Open Air Roof Deck 

Sustainable Design and Best Practices 

On Site and Nearby Parking Available

Convenient to public transportation, and both 93 and 90.

Learn about about this 5 year project from Katie >>

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Our culture is fast paced but our employees are respectful, friendly and nimble. Don’t hesitate to ask for help or have something further explained to you – we were all new once!

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